Bungalow Sete Cidades

São Miguel Island, 2010 - 2014

Our intervention lies on a summer house, at Sete Cidades village. Resting inside a volcanic crater, the dwelling is surrounded by magical landscapes, composed by intense slopes. The poetical scenery is also given by the farming image, where agriculture has affected its urban framework and its existing constructions.

Well framed by the lagoon, the fifty’s cottage is inspired by the traditional Azorean architecture, recognized by local materials as well as regional building techniques.

The property houses four distinct volumes: the existing house which was rehabilitated and three new ones. The new volumes, with contemporary lines, were inspired by the archetype of a square base house with gabled ceilings, intentionally modified to curb daylight. The wooden skin that coats the architectural bodies is from native criptomeria, so that the man-made could visually merge with nature as a whole picture.

The function is similar between the new objects, exhibiting a living room with kitchenette, one bedroom, a bath and an attic which exploits an area to contemplation.

Also, has been projected a similar wooden coated volume to house all kind of leisure equipment for the guests.