Arrifes’ Elementary School

São Miguel Island, 2008 - 2014

We were asked to extend the existence Arrifes’ elementary school of, sited outwards Ponta Delgada City, in São Miguel Island. The new volumes occupies the space between the existing equipment and the public space and gives shape to a compositional structure that redefines the gathering places of a town with farming roots that has experienced significant development in recent years.

The school was conceived as a homogenous architectural organism, with varying degrees of privacy declined along an external and internal axis, a scheme that gives the overall space a progressive sequencing – the piazza, the school plaza, the courtyard and the internal atrium – and thereby builds a system of communication, orientation and awareness of the surrounding environment.

The school program was simple: a lunchroom, a kitchen, a pantry, toilets, bathhouses, class rooms, entrance hall and administrative rooms as well as an extension of the existence library and conference room. The existences paths were also improved.