The Azores have the enormous privilege of being an earthly paradise for lovers of nature. Alegitimate tribute to the excellence of contemporary architecture is also part of the identity of these nine islands. The Architectural Itinerary of the Azores, promoted by the Association of Architects of the Regional Delegation of the Azores, seeks to include certain built and finished construction projects from the Azorean Archipelago from the year of 1950 onwards. The goal involves adding a selective and competent overview to the touristic prowess of the territory regarding state of the art construction, lending itself to the offers and contributions of the many architects who leave their mark here. With this Itinerary, visitors of the Azores may turn their attention to a series of projects which dignify the architecture and the architects, value their heritage and participate in the fascination that the area exerts on its passersby. Mapped here are the most significant projects in terms of best practice, urban planning and landscape integration, each one illustrated and identified with information helping to understand, for instance, who drew them, when they were built, their importance and the location where they are inserted. It is impossible to know the Azores without discovering the region's architecture. This Itinerary helps you make that discovery.